In Pursuit of the Truth

Learning to think biblically: its principles and practice. Introducing a book by Derek Bigg.

25 October 2010

Available on Amazon

"In Pursuit of the Truth" can now be bought new from Amazon.

If you would prefer the Spanish version, "En Busca de la Verdad" can also be bought from Amazon.

19 July 2007

Stewardship article

Stewardship Services is an organisation that has been established to assist Christian believers and the church as a whole in the matter of giving and financial administration. On their website, they say:
We see Stewardship as more than a service. It is a value - a lifestyle choice that recognises God's ownership of all that we have.

Our approach is twofold:

• Facilitating effective giving - serving over 20,000 donors, we distribute more than £30 million of giving into God's world every year.
• Promoting biblical principles and practice - of joyful giving, planned stewardship, and generosity.
Derek Bigg was invited by them to contribute an article for their website, "Christian Stewardship: A Biblical Perspective". The article explores some of the ideas covered in "In Pursuit of the Truth", relating to our use of money.
As we now consider what the way of grace means for us today, we must first of all accept that the New Testament contains no direct teaching on regular, long-term giving. We only have the apostle Paul’s instructions in his letters to Corinth regarding a special collection. As with so many practical issues, we must look for the basic principles underlying the specific teaching given in the 1st century. We then have to apply them to our own 21st century situation. In 2 Corinthians 8-9 we find five principles of major significance. Here they are:
• Adopt the right attitude.
• Let your heart be the arbiter.
• Give in proportion to blessing received.
• Aim for Christian equality.
• Follow the example of Christ.

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02 July 2007

Book launch in Spain

The trip to Spain went well. Derek writes:
Our time in Spain for the launch of the Spanish edition of my book (En Busca de la Verdad) was very profitable. Francisco, representing the publishers, gave an excellent introduction and he felt that my own contribution was just right. A good number of books were sold not only on that occasion but also after the four Sunday services in the churches where I was preaching.

The publishers run a scheme whereby each member pays an annual subscription and receives in return a certain quantity of books each year at a greatly reduced price. My book is included in this year's plan. When you add the number of subscribers to the number of books sold before and during our visit, it comes to a total of around 600 (nearly two thirds of the initial print run). We're grateful to God for this token of his blessing.


20 April 2007

En Busca de la Verdad...

... is now available for sale from booksellers in Spain:

Libreria Cristiana

Casa del Libro

A notice of the meeting where Derek Bigg will be presenting his book can be found on the blog of Església evangèlica al carrer Génova.

The English version is available for purchase using the link in the sidebar.


29 March 2007

Publication of "En Busca de la Verdad" in Spain

Derek and Marjorie Bigg will be visiting Spain from 12-24 April. The main purpose of the visit is to attend the official launch of the Spanish edition of Derek’s book In Pursuit of the Truth. This is being organized by the Barcelona-based publishers, who are the Spanish equivalent of IVP. They form an integral part of Grupos Bíblicos Universitarios (GBU), the Spanish evangelical student movement (similar to UCCF in the UK). Derek will also preach in four churches, three of which he has preached in previously.

The book launch will be in Barcelona on Saturday 21 April, and will be chaired by Francisco Mira, General Secretary of GBU. Derek will speak for 30 minutes about the book. Invitations to the launch will have been sent to all the churches in the Barcelona area. Many of these will know Derek and Marjorie from their previous work in Spain.

In Pursuit of the Truth is still available in English, and can be purchased using the link in the sidebar.


24 July 2006

Biblical theology books

Here is an excellent, thorough review of three of the key "baseline" books on biblical theology - "God's Big Picture", by Vaughan Roberts, and "According to Plan" and "Gospel and Kingdom" by Graeme Goldsworthy.

Hat tip to Alan .


10 June 2006

Article by Derek Bigg

Affinity is an organisation committed to Bible-centred co-operation between churches. They are involved in various activities - more details can be found here - and publish several magazines. Their Theological Team publish both Foundations, a theological journal, and Table Talk, a concise briefing.

Derek Bigg, the author of In Pursuit of the Truth, has had an article entitled "Fulfilling the Law" published in these magazines. The material covered in these articles is developed in more detail in Part II, sections B and C of his book.

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